Tamarind-Mango Marmalade

The first time I tasted Tamarind marmalade was at a little street-side stand on Harbour Island. A woman and her granddaughter ran the stand in front of their house, situated right across the street from a huge Tamarind tree.


Tamarind is very high in pectin. It works great as a natural sweetener and thickening agent, removing the need for packaged pectin and sugar creating a very healthy alternative to store brought marmalade. Mixing the tamarind with mango makes a delicious tropical marmalade.


Tamarind and mango marmalade


6 tamarind pods
2 mangos
1 teaspoon honey


Place the tamarind pods in pot just covered with water. Bring to boil. Boil for a minute. Let cool in cooking water.

Once cold mash together to separate the seeds. You should have about 2 tbs paste.

In a small pot mix the paste with the cut mangos and the honey. cook until thickened to the consistency of marmalade- about 2 minutes.


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