Savour The Mountains

A Summit Savour the Mountains weekend. The setting in Eden, Utah is beautiful. I love the mountains in the summer.


It was such an honor to have Michelin Star chef Haru Kishi of Summit cooking some of the recipes from my cookbook. He is so talented.


The first meal was set up in a field among the wild flowers: one long table for 180 people. During the delicious feast the sunset, turning the entire mountain into a golden and pink hue. It was so beautiful.


We put together a pamphlet for the event which Hendrix was excited to hand out.


Chef Haru added some smoked trout to my Ricotta recipe- it came out delicious.


After dinner was a big bonfire with story teller Crit Calleb. He really set the tone and put us in the mood for the weekend- connecting us through his stories to nature.


In the morning Haru and I took everyone to the farm to collect some vegetables for lunch and collected eggs from the chicken. I taught a group how to make ice cream: We prepared a custard from the farm fresh eggs and and brought a hand churner to make the ice cream- all the kids were taking turn churning the ice cream.


I coordinated to have a forager join the event to take us on a hike to find wild edibles. It was a great experience enjoyed by all. Liloo’s favorite were the Mountain Bluebells, a beautiful edible flower.


I taught a group how to make homemade butter. I brought some Piima culture with me from Miami to culture the butter for extra nutrition and delicious taste. Haru, was in butter heaven.



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