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The health benefits and fresh flavor of home milled grains is far superior to commercially processed grains. My flour mill has become my go-to piece of kitchen equipment. I use mine daily so it was a worthwhile investment for me- things taste so much better made with freshly milled flour and are much more nutritious. I use it to mill my own grains for bread; I flake oat groats for oatmeal or muesli; I use it for baked treats, homemade breakfast cereal, tarts, etc. The process couldn’t be easier. I have done a lot of research- the one I ended up buying is the KoMo Duett. It’s definitely one of the pricier models, but, the wooden mill is so beautiful, I leave it on the counter. It mills, flakes and enables you to adjust the coarseness of the grain.



If you have an electric mill, the process is fast and easy. Pour the grains into the chute, turn the grinder on, and the flour pours out. Only grind as much as you will use within a few hours of making it. If you do grind more than you need, store it in an airtight container in the freezer and use within a day or two.


There are a variety of grinders available. Some grinders have a flaker attachment, which is great for making oatmeal.


– Flavor: Commercial flour has a flat taste compared to the rich, fresh flavors of home-milled flours.
– Health: Commercial ground flours have their inherent germ removed. This part of the grain contains
healthy, nutritious oils. It is removed to extend the shelf life of the grain, which would otherwise go rancid
within a day or so.
– Variety: Milling gives you better access to a variety of flours: each grain has its own unique taste and health benefit. Grinding your own grains helps you create some of the more exotic flours that you may not be able to find in stores and contributes to more creative recipes.
– Cost: It’s more economical to grind: grains are cheaper than flour – especially when you purchase them in bulk.


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